Like Destiny was my house-girl and pool girl, Like Amber Wells was my personal secretary.

Lexi Lee is given the duties as my PERSONAL ASSISTANT. This involved many duties which

included daily cleaning chores, errands and obedience when it had to do with a certain

way of doing things. If she did not perform her duties up to the standards of DSH...

SHE WOULD BE PUNISHED, to which she agreed.

The Personal Ass-istant- Full HD Download

Starring Lexi Lee



Lexi was settling into her position as my personal assistant and was doing very well. Wanting to reward her for a job well done, I decided to take her out for a nice meal. The restaurant was a nice Italian place that had low light and was tiny with little space. I told her that bringing her HUGE purse/beach bag was not a good idea. "I got it!" were her famous last words. She ended up knocking an expensive bottle of wine off the table when we were getting up to leave. It exploded open and splashed the couple sitting next to us. I paid for the wine and dry cleaning... Lexi paid for it with a blistered bottom.

Interrupting me from a song I was working on( TWICE) was all I could take. I rip off her latex maids uniform and spank her soundly OTK.

She is put naked on a gravity chair and strapped, paddled and caned for other wrong doing later.

Later working in a napkin sized apron, I find that Lexi has thrown away all of my expensive supplements. The huge wooden spoon and belt is her fate.

If you love real reactions and tears from a vanilla girl getting only her second taste of punishment spanking... This one is PERFECT!


The Perfect Combination Of Real Discipline, Tears, A Hot Vanilla Girl, And Unbelievable Reactions!



There are some very funny scenes here as well!

One Hour & Fifteen Minutes In Length!

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