Natalia- A girl who stole! She needed punishment to move on!

See what happens when a girl who once hired by her mom's best friend

Decides to steal from him! For three long years Natalia has hated herself...she is satuarted with guilt like a peanut butter suit. Unable to cope with the daily guilt...she contacts me for a spankig punishment session for self -forgiveness

Hard hand + implements make the tears flow and her bottom bruise !

After a full three minutes of hard hand spanking ( yes the egg timer comes out) She learns with chossen implements as my assisant brings in tray after tray of implements from different implement groups. The hard maple paddle, rubber paddle, round headed bath brush, belt, and garden stick leaves her bawling and ready to move on and forgive herself of her treachery.

Real spanking punishment's that only DSH can bring with this kind of realism!

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