Monique- Model Management -Beautiful

Tan lined Halle Berry

Look a like gets spanked to tears.

16 plus minutes!

Those beautiful girls...you know the ones. The ones that think that their beauty is an automatic 'get out of jail free card'. The ones that think they can be late...stand people up. Monique WAS one of those girls.

Don't get me wrong. Monique was a smart and polite woman - Not full of herself at all. You see, she was made to believe that the faults were not faults at all - More an exception to the rule. Why you ask?

Because no one had ever called her on it.... well, until that day.

When her manager had enough of her showing up late for casting calls, he gave me a call. He felt that maybe spanking was a good way to "call her on it".

Monique showed up and yes she was stunning! I filled her in on why she was in front of me. She was then allowed her rebuttal. I had her take off everything and over my knee she went.

If you ever wanted to see an absolutely gorgeous - never been spanked before -modeel get a TRUE blistering with my hand (crying so hard her face is soaked!) then...



16 Minutes in Length- Real Player File

The most beautiful girl gets hand spanked to blisters then tears

One of our SEXIEST Girls EVER!