Lil Meow- 'Cat Smack Fever'

OTK squirming spanking punishment.

16 plus minutes!


The HUGELY popular LIL' Meow (aka Mina Meow ) Is brought to me by her friend via her parents. I knew a very special and SEVERE spanking would take place when I saw how much her parents offered and gave and how she did not respect the simple 'house rules'. She felt she could do as she pleased instead. I decided right there that our Lil' Meow would not be sitting comfortably for too long.

As she was watched from the other room by her friend, I sat down the lil'minx to hear her take on the matter. This made me spank her harder!

Lil Meow has NEVER been taken over a knee and had a TRUE disciplinary spanking like the one I gave her. Her reactions spoke that loud and clearly.

I gave her a VERY SEVERE hand spanking! I mean she squirmed like no other. Her grimaces and pleas were assurances to me that she was learning a REAL LESSON!

I then used a SEVERE paddle-strap on her now magenta backside!

Her small bottom was purple...with NO part unspanked whatsoever!

The admitted hardest spanking she had ever gotten to this day!


16 Minutes in Length!


THIS SPANKING PUT HER ON THE MAP! - Time- 16 minutes- Real Player Media File