Melting Snow- A Real life PHD Severely Punished

This is one that MANY have asked to see!

The beautiful Snow has finished her PHD. It took a little

longer than I gave her to get it.... but that is not what gave her

this SEVERE Punishment today. You see I have taken care

of Snow's disciplinary needs in the past. We have a special

bond in that department. This also means when she steps across

the line...she is dealt with the way we both decided is BEST.

When I get a frantic call from her uncle...some may remember him from

the first shoot. He loves his niece very much. This allows her to

manipulate him.

When he has a friend of 30 years get her a special interest on

her student loans...and she just hasn't been paying them back.

I use this as a way to get a special message to her. This "WAY"

to her bare bottom of course.

I actually fashioned a pimpstick made famous by Theodore " Teddy" Bayer

a pimp in the 70's . I actually break it on her... on a non warmed bottom.

She gets an acrylic whip and a old broken in belt...plus the ruler strap!

Just the start!... I have her lay prone for an anitque razor strap... and Canadian

Prison strap... but thats not all. I take her otk for three heavy wooden bath

brushes....then bent over with her hands on a stool for another large bath brush

and a heavy wooden paddle.

To make it more interesting I have her come back for an in depth

interview and a look at her bottom 3 days after her spanking!

This is a MUST SEE ....the fac t that you are witnessing a real life Doctor

( a beautiful one I might add) getting a super severe spanking

punishement will make you want to watch this over and over!

You owe this one to yourself


40 Minutes in length



When beauty meets brains....and a HOT BOTTOM!