Starring Renee & Submissann

Milfs Spanked Hard!

56 minutes! + Outtakes


Naughty Renee!

After just dating for a few times, Renee managed to embarrass me in front of my good friend on the opening night of his restaurant. Renee had asked a few times before what I did for a living. I was now going to show her first hand what 'THAT' was.

After leading her into my place, I sternly moved her to the corner facing me. "You want to see what I do? I will show you!" I let her know how displeased I was that she would make a scene at the opening of my buddy's eatery. "I don't care and f_ you was probably not the wisest response she could have given.

I had her strip naked in the corner and wait with her hands on her head. After some time to think I led her to the sofa. I then took the never spanked before MILF over my knee and introduced her to a hard and long hand spanking. Her tender bottom soon showed a deep crimson hue as I systematically gave her timed spankings until her rude behavior changed (this happens before your very eyes!...you'll love it !)

After a long time over my knee (and several apologies) I let her reflect in the corner for some time. I did a little corner time after interview as well. You won't even believe it is the same woman who I led through the door at the beginning of the evening.

**** FOOTNOTE **** Renee stayed in contact with me. She found spanking to be a very sobering experience. She also informed me that that spanking had left her MARKED for one month. Renee also got into a little trouble at Disneyland of all places when she and a photographer decided to do a nude shot inside the park in front of the famous castle.

I suggested that she should have come back for another spanking for that. She agreed but I never heard back form her again.... I WONDER WHY?



Whe have never encountered a daughter requesting her mother come to me for discipline...that is until now! Seems one of our first models - Cienna - had a problem with her mom and her mom's mid-life crisis. Cienna felt her mom Ann was going way overboard with some of her actions when it came to her newly discovered nightlife. When Ann started with a slew of one night stands and late nights, Cienna felt she needed to step in and ask my help. Cienna laid the hammer down to mom, either slow down...or we are done as mom and daughter. A little drastic perhaps, but Ann did decide to come to be for the motivation to help her achieve this bridge.

I had Ann report to me and sit her down to discuss what was going on. She was kind of pissed that her daughter was pulling the power play. I covered the agreement she made with Cienna before standing her against the mantle to await my punishments.

She was made to strip off her dress and wait, leaving her pantyhose and panties up. I started the spanking over her pantyhose with a super hard hand spanking. I then pulled the hose down for another hard one over her panties....then on the bare with a another super hard hand spanking.

After the hand spankings had left her bottom on fire, I had her lay down on the ottoman where I REALLY TURNED UP THE HEAT! I got out my implements and one at a time BLISTERED her bare bottom. She tried to hold back and bare the pain but I forced her to let go as the TEARS started and her sobbing makes her whole body quake! If you love the thought of a mature woman being spanked until the tears pour down her face, THIS ONE WILL BE ONE YOU WATCH TIME AND AGAIN!



I have been asked time and again to release mature woman spankings. This will not disappoint!


56 Minutes in Length!

Ann learned a valuable lesson of family needs!

Submissann Spanked To Tears!

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