Celebrating the 15th Year After Snow Mercy's First Spanking From Dallas!

Marked For Meanness- Full HD Spanking Video Download

Snow is back on the receiving end of my severe spankings...and they are incredible!

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The 15th Anniversary of Snow Mercy's

First Spanking She Received From Me!

This is an incredible journey, wherein Snow Uses

Real Behaviors In Her Personal Life

To Address Her Own issues With Lack of







Snow Mercy has come a long way since that first spanking I gave her fifteen years ago. She has become an international celebrity Domme. Was voted the most interesting person in Los Angeles and appearing on the cover of LA Weekly!

Even though she has adapted into a dominant roll now, she also knows there is always a place for her to come for her own personal, disciplinary needs. A place where she can play a part and still use the discipline to address pieces of her own behavior issues, that must be addressed.

So when she mentioned the concept of a horrible Yoga wife( that is horrible to her staff) and is sent by her husband to me as a last resort. I could tell she was also using the story to reflect on and have consequences for actions in her own personal life.

Enter the very bitchy, Cruella De Ville trophy wife, of a loving husband. Snow mentioned that she often would lose patience with her own staff and act out in anger. So, I was going to make sure that the character of the wife and the behavior issues with Snow. were both addressed at the same time.

After discovering that her husband had sent her to a professional disciplinarian. Our Yoga wife was not happy one bit. Her prenuptial agreement was ironclad, so she knew begrudgingly she had no option but to accept the punishment.

Starting out with a hard, bare bottomed, hand spanking, her bottom starts marking from my hard hand right away. I move then to a heavy hairbrush that marks her even more severely.

You see Snow had disrespected friend, staff members and her husband Edward. So each were addressed as to the horrible treatment of each. From friend, to upstairs maid, gardener, cook, pool man, nanny and her husband. She is informed that this spanking was being filmed and that the entire staff would view it in Edward's home theatre at home. She is forced to apologize to each as she is severely spanked with paddles and straps OTK. Before being made to lie face down on a table for severe razor strapping and caning!

This will be an instant classic, with deep history in the spanking video genre!








A Bitchy Yoga Wife Is Given A

Humiliating Spanking!



Snow Mercy's Return To Severe Disciplinary Spanking!

You will want to see this spanking that had Snow's bottom actually swell for the first time from a spanking!

Her Own Words...

1 Hour & 20 Minutes in Length

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