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Samantha Woodley's First Dallas Spanking!

First Time as FULL Download!



When Samantha Woodley decides to moonlight as a county lifeguard under guard Captain Dallas, she figured it would be a cool way to make some summer cash. She forgot the ONE RULE that Dallas taught her in her training... "Never...ever...LEAVE YOUR TOWER."

Now Dallas had handled Samantha's errors in training before 'his way'. After a serious scolding and dressing down ( wink) He asked her if she remembered how he handled her in training. "Yes, ...you spanked me" she replied.

The fact that Samantha had left her tower for the soul purpose of smoking a "quick cigarette" only added fuel to her soon to be fire.

Starting out over her uniform, then bikini, then bare bottom, he delivered a long hard spanking that really made her wiggle and plead. Leading her to a bench he bares her for a wet bottomed razor strapping and paddling.

Getting her up by the hand he leads her to the bedroom where her takes her over his lap for an OTK wooden paddling, then a seriously severe strapping with a huge and heavy razor strap.

The end comes with her being marched into the bathroom and bending over a granite sink for 20 super hard ones with a LARGE PADDLE with holes!

A nineteen year old Samantha Woodley gets her first spanking on camera from Dallas... and one she still talks about today.





Remastered and re-edited & color corrected with footage never seen.


OTK Hand Spanking starting out over uniform, spanked in bikini, bare bottomed hard hand spanking, two different severe razor straps, leather paddle, OTK wooden paddle, large sorority paddle with holes, wet bottomed blistering

Download Length - 28 minutes

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