Jewel Returns for overdue Punishment -

Tanned Lines & Spanking!

Jewel tanned with tan lines .

Jewel turned her back on our very special friendship

For those who don't know - we had a spanking/discipline

relationship for many years

When she wanted to make changes in her life she outed all friends- including me.

She wrote me a few months back to apologize knowing that this was not a warranted move on her part.

Jewel gets a reminder of how much the spankings I gave her used to hurt...she is not a spanko ( she hates spankings) .

Those of you who love interviews will love this 10 one that

gives an in depth look into where we were in disciplinary matters. Past videos...most painful spankings etc - that and the childhood spankings with switch, belt and hairbrush.

She also rubbed her bottom during spankings ( only if she asked permission to do so.)

Her bottom actually had small blisters all over it from my otk session.

I have her ice her buns down afterwards as I interview her afterwards.

Jewel had not drank alcohol in 2 1/2 years until this night. You will see future spankings that address this fact.

41 minutes in length!

A true life disciplinary spanking!!!!!!

Jewel welcomes a spanking to subside a feeling of guilt

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