Already back! Haven's sister Hannah is given a SPECIAL DISCIPLINARY SPANKING!

Hannah Stripped & Whipped- Full HD Spanking Video Download

Whipped & Spanked To Tears!

Hannah Stripped & Whipped Trailer Here






I was furious when I found out that Hannah's last spanking only curbed her behavior for a few weeks. Haven and Hannah do not get along at all. Haven was only too happy to get her sis in trouble again. Haven even told me that Hannah had confessed to her when the were younger that she feared the switch ( after seeing her friend get switched on the back of her legs by her mother once) You know I would go there... and first right out of the gate.

I make Hannah hold onto a belt at both ends , telling her not to let go or else. She let it slip once and I stopped the punishment long enough to have her rub vitamin e oil on to her sore bottom.

The reaction was immediate. Especially when I moved to my nasty new PIMP STICK. The tears began to flow!

I then had her strip down to only her bra and Ply-wood paddled , tawsed and used a leather paddle- HARD.

These are long spankings with each implement!

This was also Hannah's 21st Birthday, so the birthday cupcake and candle came out!

So did the paddle for 22 HARD ONES that she counted off.






I also told her I was not finished with her...she will be back shortly for another SEVERE ONE!

She had to borrow a pillow for her ride home...it was her birthday after all.

56 Minutes in Length!


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