When Hailey, Came Back After Disobediance About Her Vehicle

(For The Third Time). She Knew, She Was In For It!

'Spilled Coffee Spankings;' Full HD Spanking Video Download

A Long, Hard and Tearfilled Disciplinary Session

Hailey's Spilled Coffee Spanking Trailer Here!


1 Hour & 38 Minutes In Length!




She was in a rush with a full over-sized coffee cup. She got extra, because I literally gave her a cool, spill-proof cup as a gift a few months ago. She got in her car, spilled almost the entire cup onto her steering wheel, causing it to seize up. She could not steer, she was late to work and it cost her a few hundred bucks to fix it. This was a real punishment and one of the first she still complained about over a week later.

First I had Hailey kneel before me in a very adorable, swing-dancing type of dress. As she looked at me, after I raised her chin, I knew that she knew, this one would be bad. I warned her that if disobedience continued to a thirds time, she would be dealt with accordingly. I did that with a hard hand spanking, which made her bottom unbelievably red, with her tears starting only within a minute or so. I followed with my heavy, long handled bath brush and then a pinewood paddle. The bull eyes starting (but not finishing)

Next I put her in a position she hates, becuase it stretches her skin and intensifies the sting. The paddle-strap ( also a least favorite) really made the tears flow, as she positioned her Easter dress, she would be wearing soon. I move to a heavy handled strap, with last (but not least) I have her bend over, for the Canadian prison strap.

Next. I take her back over my knee. Now Hailey was introduced to an implement she could not take. I found a small wooden replica of a Hawaiian war canoe paddle (very dense wood) As I applied that she bucked and screamed. I decided to let her finish out that spanking with a hard hand spanking ( her choice) Her swollen bottom incased in her sexy panties bounced under my hard hand. I then paddled her with a ash paddle, before sending her out the door, with a personal hand spanking, she knew she deserved.




She Couldn't Sit Down, For A Few Days

A More Deserving and Beautiful Woman You Are Likely To Ever Meet

Movie Star Beauty, Meets Severe Discipline

1 Hour - thirty-eight Minutes Of Spanking Action!

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