Putting Herself In Two Different Dangerous Situations (In One Weekend),

Made Me Summon Her For A Serious Domestic Spanking Session!

'Hailey's Domestic Discipline'

Full HD Spanking Video Download

68 Minutes Long

Hailey's Domestic Discipline Trailer Here!


Hand, Heavy Hairbrush, Large Hairbrush, Rubber Paddle, Belt And Switch!

Plus Bonus Cheerleader Wooden Spoon!

Real Domestic Style Discipline With Buckets Of Tears!



Hailey's Lack Of Paying Attention To The Clear And Present Dangers,

Made Her Rethink About What Is Important In Life and Got Her A Long Tearful Domestic Session!

Hailey allowed herself to get sucked into a desire for taking the next steps in her modeling career that caused her to overlook red flags. This caused her a life altering situation and being summoned later for a back to the basics spanking session. She clearly threw her home life into chaos with her decisions, so I felt it important to stress domestic style punishments. As her boyfriend watched in approval, I start out with a hard hand spanking over her dress to get her attention. This was the day before Valentine's Day that I blistered her (literally) so pulling up her dress to pull down her symbolic red panties was swift. My hand burned her bottom like any home-style spanking should! When I started using the heavy and dense wooden hairbrush, her bottom swelled and her tears flowed like naughty rain! I then moved on to a large hairbrush. The double whammy of those brushes will be some of the best hairbrush spanking you have seen! The rubber paddle was next and the way it bounced off her perfect bubble-butt is one for the ages.

Next and fully nude, what is a better domestic tool that the belt? I spanked her se hard that her bottom began to give up! So, I took a painful bay leaf switch to the crease where her bottom meets her upper thighs! Tears...tears...tears!

I am Hailey's disciplinarian. What you witness are real disciplinary spankings for real reasons.





When Hailey Threw Caution To THe Wind...

She Paid a Painful Price!

68 Minutes in Length!

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