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Fifty Shades of Red


Fifty Shades of Red


50 Scenes ...50 Spankings... 50 Shades of RED
Hot Girls SpankedSpanked For Drinking

This was one for the books! With the popularity of Fifty Shades of Gray finally getting the masses to realize what was there all along, we bring you this ambitious and AMAZING Film. Very rarely will you ever find a woman who embraces spanking like Nikki Rouge. We feel SHE is the only gal that could have pulled this off. If you are looking for one film to introduce a would be spankee to the concept of spanking in day to day life, look no further.

This is a film that combines HARD SPANKING with HUMOR. WIT with a WHIP!

This was a whirlwind day of SPANKING, Costume changes, creative flow, a multitude of implements... Did I mention HARD SPANKING?

We are proud to release this amazing example of moxy on the part of Nikki Rouge and my wife Sabrina ( whose true creativity amazes me daily!) as our FIRST Blu-Ray DVD.

These photos are just a SMALL example of what lies ahead for you.


Best Spanking Positions

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Pippy Longstockings Spanking


1 Hour & 23 Minutes in Length!


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