Sometimes an EPIC Real Punishment Session falls in my lap! When Stevie Rose

displayed poor professional skills when checking in late for a shoot, I was forced

to teach her a true lesson in disciplinary punishment!

Stevie Rose 'The FETCON Session-HD Spanking Video Download

Starring Stevie Rose





Here is the break down

1) 389 Bare bottomed Hard Hand Spankings

2) 224 With a Large Hairbrush

3) 295 Hard Spanks with a Wooden Spoon until it breaks

4) 70 vicious strokes with the rubber 'Devil's Tongue'

5) 104 With the huge paddle strap ' THUMPER'

6) 101 with the EVIL acrylic paddle...I mean evil!

7) 26 with the super severe riding quirt

8) 34 with the 'Tube Whip' ( Audrey Knight most feared)

9) 89 With an antique Belt

10) 179 with a short stiff RAZOR STRAP

11) 100 With my super feared large RAZOR STRAP

12) 60 Dry and 62 WET BOTTOMED licks with an Antique Razor Strap


I get back to basics with this real disciplinary spanking punishment.



60 Minutes in Length!


Trailer show of 5 DSH Films!


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