Amy Aveline- Mai Ly Carwash Caning & She Slept, She Wept

First Time On Sale!

Caning, Spanking, 1950's Household Chiffon See-

Through Nightie - Caning, Paddling


That is right Guys & Dolls! This is an Amy Aveline aka Mai Ly Double Feature! Where out beautiful HAPA Princess Amy ( one of the most tearful models EVER! ) Gets her first serious dose of the cane, wooden spoon, wooden hairbrush. acrylic paddle, leather belt , razor strap and of course my hand!

Car Wash Caning- In our first part. Amy is making extra cash as a mobile bikini clad car washing service. When she does Sabrina's car first....then my truck. I get a call from Sabrina saying her antenna was broken and flopping around on the side of her car. Seems Amy while listening to the radio washed it a little too vigorously. She snapped it off....didn't tell us. She then let Sabrina drive off with it ready to snap off completely!

I confront our wet and bikini clad college girl as to the phone call I just received from Sabrina. She admitted to the misdeed. I march her inside where I try out a new little cane I picked up at a furniture and decor store. This is the thinnest and strongest cane I have found yet. The stripes I put on Amy's bottom will attest to that fact. She wiggles and   clenches her buns as I stripe her well! You can watch her welts actually swell before your eyes!

Next Amy shows up at my door not knowing why she was summoned. Seems she has had some narcolepsy problems in school...but worst of all behind the wheel of her car!

Driving while tired is impaired driving! I will not tolerate it!

I have our naughty on sit at a desk to ponder her poor decision making skills. I then have her strip completely naked to add embarrassment to her sleepy ways. I take her over my lap and reintroduce her to my hand that has caused her to weep so many tears before. She once again finds it a helpful tool to WAKE HER UP.... Smell te coffee Amy!

Afterwards and still naked as a yellow bellied sleepy head . I line up implements. She is paddled with a long line of them. Two things. There was a puddle of tears on our couch the likes you will be amazed by. Secondly, Sabrina made a new concoction to help with the sting that works even better that the "E" and is even better for the skin! Thanks baby! I blister her with each implement until...

I have her put on a 1970 baby doll chiffon nightdress. Only that and some   CFMN's. I tie her down to the "Liberator" compliments of the "Hustler" store! and after adding more of the super secret lotion. I start with a severe wooden spoon, belt and razor strap whipping. Amy actually picks up the liberator and falls backwards to the ground. She is crying so hard she is choking back the tears! This was a very intense portion!

For all fans of beautiful girls getting intense tear-filled disciplinary style spankings. Another homerun is in your grasp!


50 Minutes in Length!

The amazing HAPA Princess GETS BLISTERED NUDE!

Taken To A Place She Wasn't Expecting!