Ever fantasized about giving one of those cocky, naughty, tough-chick, ROLLER-DERBY Girls a blistering so severe, that it has them crying and trembling like a leaf? If you have, this film will make you extremely happy!

Bunny in the Bucket - Full HD Spanking Video Download

Bunny Euphoria is given a first ever REAL DISCIPLINARY SPANKING from Dallas!


Bunny Euphoria contacted me about a spanking. She sent me a few photos and told me she had worked with a competitor... that was all. I decided to let one another discover who we both were on camera. This way our customers, my fans, Bunny's fans, get to experience this together as a way to be inclusive in Bunny's first punishment spanking from me.

It was very telling how when I learned that eveything she knew about me was from word of mouth from those who didn't really have a clue about me or what I do. This allowed her no anticipation, knowledge or forethought as to what to expect.

Now I really had no idea of Bunny's tolerance was, just as she had no true idea as to how I approached disciplinary spankings, how hard I spanked etc. That is why I started with a long hard, bottom bruising hand spanking to get her long day rolling!

I held her down across my lap and spanked and paddled her with a large hairbrush ( something she never experienced before) a large heavy leather paddle and a rubber paddle.

I put her is a bucket and gave her a a super-severe, wet-bottomed spanking with acrylics ( once again a first) Her tears flowed and she was trembling so hard it was incredible!

Her bottom was so swollen and raw after this but I still took her to the bedroom and had her lie prone as I used a real equestrian riding crop on her bottom with percision.

This is a severe spanking film so please be advised of this. If you love severe, real disciplinary spankings with lot's of tears...This one is for you!

" I have never been spanked like this!"

( Bunny Euphoria)

You will fall in love with Bunny Euphoria and her discipline!

60 minutes lin Length!



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