Bruised Brunettes

Starring Rhiannon Bray & Valerie Vasquez

From our vaults comes twp gorgeous and deserving girls! If you like to see girls who come to me just a little to full of themselves only to leave with crimson bottoms and attitude adjustments

You will love this double feature!


Rhiannon Bray has been a sought after internet model for a long time. Her Angelina exotic beauty, her brains...and now her attitude will make her a fan favorite for sure. I took this pampered model to a place she had never been before. her threats and challenges turned into contrition and actual submission right before your eyes!

Rhiannon was sent to me by her agent, who was sick of her being late to go-see's and castings. Anyone who has been around the talent field can't stress enough the importance of being ON TIME. Seems like Rhiannon had a huge problem with this. When her agent couldn't take contantly having to remind her to "DO HER JOB CORRECTLY" he found out about me through another agent I had helped.

It took the threat ofbeing dropped from representation ( and the visit here i guess ) to make young rhiannon wake up and smell the java!

When she arrived she was made aware of her situation. When listening to the remedy she agreed to take the spanking to get back on the straight and narrow in regards to her agent.

I took the beautiful Rhiannon across my knee pulling up her silk dress to reveal her olive and smooth bare bottom. when i started in you can hear her anguish ( and her sassy remarks as well ). As I spanked her that bottom turned fire engine red! You will love her reaction to being out of her comfort zone. rhiannon had never been spanked before!

After spanking her long and hard I have her get up off my lap and kneel down by the chair to await further reddening.

I walked back int the room, stood her up and walked her to the spanking horse so many have known. she is told to remove her dress so that she is naked for the remainder of her punishment. I have her bend over and get ready for some stand up hand spanking. This is when her sassy remarks stopped and her "yes sirs" became abundant.

I then got out my leather paddle and gave her a LONG and hard paddling. Her contrition now shown with a soft voice and more respectful tone.

After some great aftermath shots...I have her stand naked before me before being released. Watch the look on her face when she gathers her clothes. This spanking was as real as it gets for a 'full of herself' internet and magazine model.

You will love the super imposed shoots allowing two camera captures on one screen!

She was one hot tamale!

valerie Vasquez had done abundant work in the hispanic market for print and even commercials. It is always a treat to get another girl never spanked before to appear here! she had one of the most sensitive bottoms ever. her screams were SO LOUD i was afraid someone would think a murder was occuring.. LOL For she truly screamed bloody murder!

seems it was that her boyfriend had a real issue at her domestic skills around the house. as someone who has given countless spankings for just this sort of behavior...I FELT HIS PAIN!

I greet valerie and let her know that we were going to work on just this. I have her wait after scolding by the fireplace with a bare bottom. I have her put on an apron suitable for a good list of household chores. I then march her to the sink with her cute bottom exposed in the back. I have her wash the dishes....which she fails at miserably. This is where I march her into the livingroom and begin her spankings. She screams from the get go as I make sure that she will learn a valuable lesson in expected domestic behavior.

After which I stand her up for a bottom bruising paddling with a plywood paddle!

She is marched into the kitchen to try her hand at cleaning the floor with a bruised and crimson bottom!

This girl learned a true lesson. She even apologized to me as she was walking out the door for allowing it to come to this.

This girl is BEYOND CUTE!

45 Minutes in Length - completly re-edited




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