Kat St. James - Brat Kat -

Her First Filmed Punishment with Dallas

The taunting little BRAT from our little internet trailers is finally in for the first half of her punishment! What a PUNISHMENT SPANKING it was my friends!


Kat shows up LATE for her spanking. Not a good way to start huh? Then starts off with a very non chalant attitude about what she was in store For. When she removes her jacket. I see a specially designed t-shirt. It is a picture of a kitten. No ordinary kitten mind you. She had cut out it's face and photoshopped my face in it's place. Then took my copyrighted logo and cut of the end to add her own.

It now read " Dallas Spanks Soft" .

I sit her down and give her a little lecture about her actions. She is just as sassy and taunting as before ( behind the fear in her eyes of course ) She had told me once before that wood was her nemisis. Therefore this is what I informed her I would be using ( after my hand)

After a SUPER HARD hand spanking. I get out my anitque clothes brush and the super solution Sabrina concocted . I then give her a super painful and teaching bare bottomed blistering with this stingy brush! Boy does she squirm!

Then on to a SEVERE BATH BRUSH BLISTERING!. I have a shorter handled HEAVY BRUSH. This brush brings the tears and the contrition!

Now I tell her she will be 'schooled" about her behavior. I talk to her as she sits at an antique school desk. In front of her is my LARGE PADDLE with HOLES! I have her bend across the desk presenting her cute little bottom as a GOOD TARGET!

She gets a SEVERE paddling on top of her ALREADY BLISTERED BARE BUTT!

She spends corner time between these spanking of course!

She thanked me for "The REAL DEAL" at the end. I reminded her of this.

" This is only half of your REAL DEAL.... The other half will be leather and my STRAPS"

The Perfect "Brat Taken in Hand"

Punishment Spanking



You will really want to see this little minx get a spanking that hard her buns hard to the touch when finished!

33 minutes in length

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