Remember My 3-Minute Timer? Well, I got out my 30-minute Timer, For Just The Start Of This One!

'BIG TIME SPANKING;' Full HD Spanking Video Download

Three Scenes and Real Discipline, For A Dangerous Act!

Hailey's BIG TIME Spanking Trailer Here!


1 Hour & 27 Minutes In Length!




Disobeying In Regards To Her Vehicle Maintenance, Causing An Accident, Gets this Beauty A Special One!

I warned Hailey last session about her vehicle and checking it before trips, afer her battery caused her to be stranded one night. She promised she would do it, understanding how important it is. Turned out, she not only didn't she check her car, but the brakes got so hot, the blew up her tires, causing an accident. So, I got out my 30-minute timer (never used on film) and gave her spankings OTK (sand to end) with my hand, hairbrush, slatted acrylic paddle, wooden spoon and of course, the rubber paddle!

One the second disciplinary session I gave Hailey I used a wooden paddle called 'The Daditude Adjuster' since she now refers to me as 'her other dad'. it made sense to bring it back! Then I used a large leather paddle in the same position.

I end with Hailey getting a strapping, on an oiled bottom. with my most severe straps. This was HOT!...HOT...HOT!



Disobedience, Gets Hailey A Special Punishment

A More Deserving and Beautiful Woman You Are Likely To Ever Meet

Movie Star Beauty, Meets Severe Discipline

1 Hour - twenty-seven Minutes Of Spanking Action!

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