Austin Meets Sierra-Spankings Happen!

This video has multiple clips shot over a period of Austin's week long stay

When ex-flame Austin comes for a visit for some much deserved spankings Sierra finds herself getting into trouble right along with her.

A hot day by the pool after some drinking the night before has each trying to make the other get into trouble.

Austine and Sierra are spanked side by side hanging over the edge of the pool as I pull down their bikini bottoms to redden them as their bottoms glisten in the sun.

I have Sierra stand my the wall giving her a few choice smacks...only to discover it was Austin that had left the door open.

I pull the bikini clad beauty over my knee for a very stinging and bottom bruising again on a very wet bottom

Two...two...two spankees in one

The next spanking takes place with Austin in a lace corset in front of the fireplace- and naughty for getting into the wine without asking ( she starts to party just a little too early sometimes)

As she lies face down on a leather ottoman I give her a hard spanking on an already sore bare bottom. Glamour and spanking mesh here.

On the third spanking I had taken the two girls to Disneyland. Sierra was a nightmare all day. She dragged Austin into many arguments.

That night before tucking them in I give them both a hard bare bottomed spanking as they are dressed for bed.

After applying ice to their hot bottoms ( the ice melted quickly) I tuck them both in for the night.


As a close out there is a short clip of Austin playfully pulling down her pants and dancing to a Beatles tune.

This is truly a great video...great interaction


Sparks fly...and sometimes blazes start that way.

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