Scarlet & Crystal- The Audition -


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Don't you just LOVE hearing about lost & previously unseen footage?

First Time on Film!

Sometimes girls get together and suddenly get it in their heads they want to do a spanking film. The interesting thing about this case is this. I spanked both of these girls for real reasons in their lives...for real reasons!


Scarlet had a little problem with smoking. i warned her before about this feeling she needed to smoke for stress. that was what spanking was for! When i caught her smoking outside one night. I decided that she would be paddled for it.

Crystal had known my punishments before I even knew scarlet. this night she wanted to try her hand at being a top.I let her know that even though that was the case... she would be paddled as well. she reluctantly agreed. one thing about crystal is this. I have never given her a spanking that did not produce tears and sobbing.

After putting scarlet in the corner, I inform her I was stepping out to the store. She was also told that she would be paddled for smoking upon my return. Crystal stops by for a little fetish fun and found Scarlet waiting in the corner. the inviting site lead her to try her dommy mommy routine. when I come back to find crystal spanking scarlet. .. I take her over my knee and paddle her to tears

Great Marks as well!

It was Scarlet's turn next. I take her over my knee for an otk session with a wooden paddle. I then have her stand up with her hands on the flat of a chair for a severe paddling!

You will adore this audition of two truly NAUGHTY GIRLS!



Hard spanking that produces blisters and tears to two naughty girls in a first ever lost scene!

29 minutes in length