Ariel X - Spanking Video Download

Amazing Bottomed Girl!

Ariel was having a time of it trying to simply hold down a job. She would let her mind drift away missing important details which caused her to be "let go" from two separate companies.

After a talk and little interview I have her strip everything off and stand against the wall. I decided I needed to show her how drifting off was not an option. I would make sure she didn't do the same during her punishment.

As she stood with her hands against the wall I went right into a strapping with a very nasty ruler strap. She jumped and cries out as the strap marked her bottom with every stroke. I then gave her a fast and hard paddle-strapping which had her bottom the color of a sunset.

I marched her into my office having her kneel on a low bench stool with her hands on her head, waiting with a crimson and still hot bottom.

As she kneeled on the bench... I think she soon figured out what the chair in front of her was to be used for.

I have her get up and take her over my lap. I scold her letting her know that this was NOT an option when it came to losing another job. I give her two separate HARD hand spankings which now has her bottom sporting colors only found in the 200+ color crayola box.

After the hand spanking I put her back on the stool to assume the hands on the head position. She stays there until I come for her.... IT IS THEN THE RAZOR STRAP enters her life.

What you will witness is probably the most intense strapping sessions you ever witness. Ariel told me she would never cry from a mere spanking. Well... what she does is hop... stomp, shimmy, wiggle and cry. Does she ever!

Ariel had one of those bottoms that just begs for a smack. What she got was ....well see for yourself.


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