Amelia Jane Rutherford -The Tryout to Cryout-

Bare Bottomed Cheerleader Spanking & Switching.

Amelia Jane Rutherford was first approached by me

on a mainstream modeling site. Call it spankers intuition...

butt I somehow knew that a look in those eyes said " I

need spanking in my life...find me"

We conversed for months, as I filled her in on the scene. I even

gave her a membership in which she confessed watching quite


Sometimes you will meet a woman who is so special...who

you can connect with on a disciplinary plane. One who will trust

you to punish her for real reasons...even on video.

This is a video that has the hot storyline of a Pro

cheerleader tryout. My favorite team. A private

confession. Then a real punishment within a spanking video.

Amelia Jane wears the Dallas colors so well you will need

a sweat towel just looking at her ...no joke.

When she does a bare bottomed cheer routine as I switch

her naked cheeks as the sway. When I use the plex cane

that gets reaction and her unability to stay put.

Her tear filled otk session with the vitamin E oil saturating

her firm amazing bottom.

The way she reacts to the plywood paddle otk.

Her on her knees accepting the ruler strap grabbing the

chair with all her might!

The hard strapping she gets ( again with E) ending with

my severe razor strap!

Lastly putting her in position with her hands on her

knees for 10 swats with the large paddle. The swats

have her falling to her knees....until I hold her

firmly in place.

As she cries into my chest as I conclude her punishment

you will know you have witnessed something VERY



If you miss this one...you will be missing probably

the one video that has it all!





Amelia Jane in this outfit! Forget about it!

You will remember these spankings in your dreams!