Nikki Rouge comes for a Vacation...Leaves with a Spankcation due to not

following safety protocol. This punishment was requested by her real life

boyfriend and our good friend Snow Mercy.

SPANKCATION- Full HD Spanking Video Download

Starring Nikki Rouge


'Spankcation' Punishment Preview Here


This is a spanking video that even took me by surprise. Nikki Rouge was in town meeting up for a caning session. Since she was in the next city over from us ( 15 miles) it was a no brainer that she should come for a little vacation before going back to LA-LA land. Since she was being caned the day before she was coming to see us, I did not really think it would be possible to film. Nikki is such a dear friend that just seeing her is worth it!

Well, the not shooting changed instantly when I tried to reach Nikki the next morning in her hotel room and on her cell. No answer... I even called later as it was nearing check-out time and had security open up her room. They reported to me " Her stuff is in there, she isn't". I had NO CONTACT info for her session in case of an emergency. This was one strike against her.

I finally got worried enough to call our good mutual friend Snow Mercy in LA ( which was 3 hours earlier mind you) She didn't have contact info either. Two strikes...

Snow didn't want to get Nikki in trouble with her boyfriend and was hesitant to call him. I heard an email come in as I was on the phone with her, and it was her boyfriend ProFotoLA himself asking if I knew where Nikki was as she was supposed to call him the night before... she didn't and he has no contact info either. Three strikes and you are out little Nikki.

I was personally asked by both Snow and her man to "handle her but good".



This is an intense real life punishment spanking.



The Perfect Mixture of Fun & Severity!

1 Hour eight Minutes in Length!